Sadhna Janki

As a childminder in Zwolle, I specialize in the development phase from 0 to 12 years. It is my mission to offer excellent childcare at home in a pleasant way.

My passion for children's development.

From November 2018 onwards I will be offering a helping hand to different families. As a childminder I pay close attention to the development of your child (ren) and identify emotional problems and / or possible backlogs. With the acquisition of new skills and / or training I try to provide the best possible support. Young children in particular develop quickly and it is important that they receive the attention they deserve. I let them discover their talents and always bring out the best in them.

In a handy round-and-back notebook or group whatsapp you can read (back) all development jumps of your child (ren) and write down questions / tasks. Doing nice things in a good interaction. At Belle & het Beest kinderopvang your children are the shining center of attention. Every child is unique, powerful and curious and through good interaction your child will fully blossom. I listen carefully to what children need and with that I promote their independence, responsibility and participation. With my empathy, I respond to the needs of your child (ren). I often let them try something new and involve them in doing fun activities in a fun way.
Of course we do a lot of fun and creative things together such as dancing, cooking, baking cakes, crafts and looking for nice outdoor places.

We always have a good time!

Flexible childcare at home

In addition to my professional support, you can also rely on me when it comes to meeting agreements and times. In addition, my help can also be used flexibly. It often happens that a family calls me a day in advance for childcare.

Sometimes this is also in the evening or at the weekend.

You can also call on me if you want to get away from it all with your partner, for example for a dinner or a party. I think it is important that I have good contact with you as a parent. That is why I like to communicate in short lines, for example via WhatsApp.


Because I work irregular hours it is nice that Sadhna is always there for me. Thanks to her I can combine my job with two small children. My children love her. She undertakes a lot with them and comes across to them calmly but clearly.


Contact with Belle & het Beest childcare

Do you have any questions about my childcare at home or would you like to meet me without obligation? Do not hesitate and take it Contact me up